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Function Health, Inc. is distinguished by its expansive array of over 100 laboratory tests geared towards a broad assessment of health markers, including hormonal balance, thyroid and heart function, metabolic rate, autoimmune conditions, and toxin exposure. The company emphasizes the importance of longitudinal health tracking, securely storing patient results to monitor changes over time. It is instrumental in the early detection of a multitude of diseases, ranging from various types of cancers and chronic conditions to metabolic and autoimmune disorders. Function Health collaborates with renowned physicians such as Dr. Mark Hyman to ensure that patients receive their results accompanied by expert, evidence-based insights for better understanding and management of their health. Offering an annual membership, Function Health provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional health assessments. The organization operates as a healthcare technology company, facilitating user access to a network of independent laboratory and medical services, thus streamlining the path to personalized healthcare.

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Function Health offers a yearly membership that provides patrons with over 100 different laboratory tests, administered annually to track and monitor various health markers. Upon subscribing, members can schedule lab tests at one of the over 2,000 partner locations across the United States. The process begins with booking an appointment, which takes around five minutes, followed by a 15-minute lab visit. Most tests require an 8-hour fast, and some may necessitate two separate visits to complete the full panel. Function emphasizes the importance of hydration for easier blood draws and recommends scheduling both visits within the same week for consistent results. Tests include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular, thyroid, hormonal, metabolic functions, as well as screening for heavy metals and other substances. Clinicians review all test results before they are sent to members through Function's secure dashboard, where results and personalized insights are tracked over time.


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1625 North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, California, 95834, United States
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