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The Epigenetic Coaching Team provides comprehensive healthcare services with a primary focus on addressing genetic expression defects such as obesity and migraines. They specialize in personalized and predictive medicine, offering tailored healthcare solutions based on detailed genetic profiles. Their innovative approach incorporates lifestyle factors, aiming to personalize medical practice to the individual level. The provider also offers genetic testing kits that can be used at home. The results are then reviewed by their professional team who collaboratively develop a suitable health intervention program. Distinct from other providers, they offer various packages for this service, all of which include a consultation session and some provide long-term care and advanced testing options.

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Epigenetic Coaching offers a unique service in the field of personalized health recommendations, focusing on the relationship between an individual's genes and microbiome - their body's community of microbes. This approach enhances the effectiveness of their personalized recommendations. Their genetic-microbiota test is based on recent advances in nutrigenetic and pharmacogenetic testing combined with microbiome tests. The human body isn't viewed as separate systems but as a singular entity. Epigenetic Coaching utilizes this understanding to offer the world's first combined Nutrigenetics+Microbiota test, providing multidisciplinary handled reports.


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The Union Building, Floor 5, Room 10, 51-59 Rose Lane, Norwich, NR1 1BY
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