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Biological Age test
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The epiAge test is a non-invasive procedure that assesses an individual's biological age through the analysis of epigenetic markers—specifically DNA methylation patterns—in a saliva sample. epiAge has developed a kit for easy at-home collection of the sample, which is then sent back to their laboratory for analysis. The high-tech sequencing methodology used in this process promises high accuracy in determining the biological age. This information can indicate how well one's body has aged and may suggest lifestyle adjustments if the epigenetic age is higher than the chronological age. Results are typically delivered within four weeks after the lab receives the sample.


  • Instruction manual with Secure ID.
  • Test tube for collecting the saliva sample.
  • epiAge information brochure.
  • Prepaid return envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory.

Not included

  • Follow-up tests to measure changes after lifestyle adjustments.
  • Consultations to interpret test results or provide health advice.
  • Any additional shipping costs if an alternative delivery method is chosen.
  • Costs associated with a loss in value due to improper handling of goods that affect their condition, properties, and functionality.
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