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DNA Plus Human Genetic Centre (DNA Plusz Hungary) offers personalized medical care based on individual genetic data. The Centre enables individuals to understand their genetic predispositions to certain diseases, significantly reducing their disease risks through customized prevention programs. They focus on multiple scientifically validated risk genes, often mutated genes in the average population, and disease-inducing genes, significantly reducible through early detection or professional prevention. They work with various health professionals and molecular biologists, and partner with organizations like Novogenia for product development and gene analysis, and MedicalFitness™ for fitness and medical goals. They adhere to strict ethical principles, delivering effective and high-quality disease prevention programs.

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The Telomere Biological Age Test at DNA Plus Human Genetic Centre is a scientifically driven procedure that examines the length of your telomeres, the protective end caps of chromosomes. This length serves as an indicator of your biological age, providing insight into your health and aging process.


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Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 13, 1051 Hungary
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