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Dante Genomics offers comprehensive genomics services, spearheading the integration of whole genome sequencing into healthcare. Their operations include bespoke genomic analysis processes that cater to individual needs, leveraging in-house proprietary technology. With whole genome sequencing conducted at 30x coverage, the company provides a granular examination of the entire DNA strand. They also offer an innovative 'Clinical Lab in a Box' solution, designed to facilitate clinical sequencing and interpretation seamlessly within medical facilities.
Their population genomics initiative supports large-scale sequencing programs aimed at enhancing healthcare and enabling precision prevention medicine. Further, the Dante Platform provides a comprehensive system for harnessing genomic insights in medical diagnosis, treatment plans, and preventive measures. To date, Dante Genomics has conducted significant work with over 300,000 genomic analyses and has handled more than 5 million COVID samples. Their global presence spans 97 countries, backed by a dedicated team of 150 employees.

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Dante Genomics offers a Clinical Longevity Package that involves Clinical-Grade Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) to analyze over 20,000 genes. The procedure generates a Full Genome Proactive Screening report for asymptomatic individuals seeking insights into their genetic predispositions for certain health conditions. The analysis is designed to guide proactive steps towards prevention and early intervention. The service also assesses carrier status for heritable diseases, an essential aspect for family planning. Furthermore, it provides raw data files (BAM, FASTQ, VCF) and includes one free update on genetic associations as new discoveries are made. Sample collection is facilitated by free logistics and uses non-invasive kits for blood or saliva.


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667 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065, USA
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