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CircleDNA provides an array of DNA testing services using Whole Exome Sequencing technology to deliver over 500 reports in 20 categories, markedly increasing the detail of genetic information over competitors. The company's services include a Premium DNA Test, which offers insights into diet, nutrition, sports performance, and stress management tailored to an individual's genetic makeup. The testing extends to cover skin health, disease susceptibility including cancer risk, and potential brain health issues, assisting users in understanding and potentially extending their longevity. CircleDNA also emphasizes privacy with secure, encrypted data handling. For family planning, their tests screen for carrier conditions, and they offer insights into a child's potential success traits. Kits are acquired through an online platform with free delivery and return, and results are delivered within 18 business days through the Circle App. A consultation with a healthcare professional is included to aid in result interpretation, adding a component of personalized service to the testing process.

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The CircleDNA Premium DNA Test is an at-home genetic testing kit designed to provide comprehensive insights into an individual's health and ancestry through a detailed analysis of their DNA. The test offers over 500 reports across 20 different categories, including assessments of inherited cancer risks, carrier conditions that could affect offspring, personalized diet and fitness recommendations, drug response profiles, and ancestry information. The procedure involves collecting saliva using the provided at-home collection kit, which is then sent back to CircleDNA for analysis using Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology. This technology enables a full scan of all protein-coding genes to deliver accurate results. Clients can expect to receive their personalized report via the Circle app within 18 business days, and the service includes a complimentary 30-minute genetic consultation to discuss the findings.


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7th Floor, K11 Atelier, 728 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
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