Longevity Consultation

Longevity Doctor Consultation
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During a 30-minute consultation with a longevity doctor at Ayun, patients engage in a focused discussion on aging and strategies to promote healthspan and lifespan. This session involves a comprehensive review of the patient's medical history, lifestyle factors, and any specific concerns related to aging. The longevity doctor at Ayun employs a holistic approach, considering genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence aging. The consultation aims to identify personalized interventions that may include dietary recommendations, exercise plans, and possible supplements or medications to support healthy aging. Ayun ensures that these consultations are patient-centered, providing evidence-based advice tailored to individual needs and goals.


  • Pre-consultation review of the patient's medical history and submitted concerns
  • Personalized discussion on aging, healthspan, and lifespan with a longevity doctor
  • Evidence-based recommendations for lifestyle modifications and interventions
  • Basic assessment of risk factors for age-related diseases
  • Summary of consultation findings and suggested next steps

Not included

  • Detailed diagnostic tests or laboratory work (these may be recommended but are conducted separately)
  • Prescription of medications or supplements (may be advised but require a separate process)
  • In-depth psychological counseling or therapy sessions
  • Follow-up consultations or ongoing monitoring (these can be scheduled separately)
  • Specialized treatments or interventions not covered in the initial 30-minute session
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